Table of Contents

5/14/20 The Problem Goes Deeper Than We Think

3/5/20 A Draft Speech Looking for a Candidate

3/5/20 Biden vs Sanders, an Exchange with my son-in-law

2/8/20 Citizens, it is up to us to save our democracy

1/29/20 A New Year’s Resolution for Our Politics in 2020

12/27/19     Message to the People of Hong Kong

12/27/19     This is the Speech I am Hoping to Hear from a Democratic Presidential Candidate

12/27/19    The Policies We Need that our Candidates and Pundits Won’t Discuss

12/27/19    Lessons from our history might help us heal our democracy

12/27/19    Did our abandonment of democracy contribute to today’s crisis?

1/19/19     Draft Presentation to Engage More Residents in the Work to Rebuild Democracy in Santa Rosa

1/19/19     Letter to my Neighbors

1/16/18     Should We Look to Democracy for Some Answers to Our Political Crises?

5/17/17    A New Proposal from Santa Rosa for Building the Movement We Need to Address our Political Crisis

12/10/16  A Message of Hope from Santa Rosa Together

12/7/16    The Full Story of Santa Rosa Together